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We want to thank you for the tremendous response to our product.  We now have product in EVERY state and at least 36 countries. 

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E-mail Customer Responses

From:       Adam A.
To:           Jon Ball
Sent:        Friday, April 30, 2010  8:30 PM

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I saw The Breathing Mobile Washer but I wanted to get a machine just in case of a power outage or any other kind of problems where I would not have access to a washing machine and or power.  I saw another hand powered unit called The Wonder Washer but people said they were made cheaply and broke easily, your product looks simple and VERY durable.

I washed some kitchen rags that were getting smelly.  My machine usually gets them pretty clean, but they still have a residual smell on them a lot of times.

After using The Breathing Mobile Washer for just 3 minutes the smells came right out!  I was impressed to say the least, not only at the effectiveness but the speed at which it was able to clean.

Thank you so much for innovating the old school rapid washer into The Breather.  During these hard economic times people should seriously consider investing in this simple and effective product.

From: Jacqueline M. van Tol

To: Jon Ball

Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 3:42 PM

Subject: RE: Notification of payment received


Dear Mr. Ball,


Today your Breathing Mobile Washer has arrived. I couldn’t resist and tried it right away.


It’s amazing that such a simple device with a bit of arm force can clean so deep and so fast! This must be caused by its vacuum sucking – the ‘breathing’ sound I hear when pulling after pushing.


The soaking as well as rinsing is more effective when using your mobile washer for a minute or two. I also use it for very dirty wash – as a kind of ‘pre-wash’. The vacuum sucking shortens the soaking time considerable. And I need far less rinsing cycles.


Thank you very much for turning your invention into a product I could buy!


Kind regards,

Jacqueline van Tol, The Hague, The Netherlands



Subject: from Kuwait
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 17:29:35 +0300

Tom Driscoll
Medevac Pilot
112th Medevac Company
Maine Army National Guard

Greetings from Kuwait,

We have been using your washer up in Iraq for the past few weeks. Yesterday we flew back to Kuwait for a "rear area" rotation.

Our aircrew was up in Ad Diwaniyah. We didn't have washers available, so we used your device and a five gallon bucket. It worked great. Up in that part of Iraq it is very dusty. The topsoil was two to four inches of talcum-powder consistency dirt... like walking on the moon. Each footstep caused a dust cloud.

Anyway, we had fun washing our flight suits and underclothes each day. Sometimes we did several wash cycles and an additional rinse cycle. We got a big laugh out of the plunger.

Here's an idea for you. You should market additionally through the AAFES ... the military's WalMart. They setup in all these remote locations, and if you could get it on the shelf here, you'd sell a bunch of 'em....

Enjoy freedom,




Subject: from Montrose, Colorado
Date: May 2004
From: Kay Mason

I have to write and tell you how fabulous your "Breather" is, and how it was utilized on a recent mission trip to Mexico.

We were with a group of 26, for 10 days. Needless to say, the dirty clothes were piling up! I took out my Breather and bucket, some laundry soap, and COLD water, and went to work. The first night, I was the object of many jokes, and good- natured teasing. By the third night, another family tried it. Before we packed up to come home, I was doing our wash (for three) nightly, and three other family units were using it! It was wonderful, quick, everything we wanted it to be. Next time, two or three days' worth of clothing will be enough - we can wash our stuff out at night, dry it on some make-shift lines, and be ready for work the next day! Thanks so much for this idea.





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