Bailey uses a sink to wash then rinse his clothes, then uses a clothes rack indoors over a heater vent to dry his clothes 

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This user shows how he uses a Japanese Furo that after he bathes he adds detergent and uses the water to wash his clothes with a Breathing Moblie Washer then hangs clothes on a tradtional clothes line - very Green and conservation focused.

In these pictures Russell demonstrates how he uses the bathtub with the Breathing Mobile Washer to get his clothes clean.  Then he conveniently uses the shower rod to hang his clothes to dry, or uses  clothes hangers on the shower rod, if he has multiple items.

In these photos Aubrey shows how she washes with a Mop Wringer bucket to help wring out her clothes prior to drying.  She then uses a combination of radiant heat through the window and the floor heater vent to dry her clothes.

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This RV owner uses the Breathing Mobile Washer to wash their clothes on the road - saves time from the laundromat.  They find this a simple method and convenient to clean their clothes.


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