Product Features

  • Lightweight and portable - made from durable plastics with a sturdy wooden or aluminum handle.
  • Simple to dismantle and reassemble for easy packing and stowing - the ultimate portable hand laundry system.
  • Powerful cleaning action - patented design pushes AND pulls water through clothing. Removing dirt left behind by electric washing machines.
  • Extremely gentle yet effective washing for your most delicate of items. No scrubbing or harsh agitation.
  • Sturdy enough for large items such as comforters, sleeping bags, rugs and blankets.
  • Perfect "green" product with less water, detergent and no electricity used! Sustainable washing to offset your daily impact or as a supplement to normal washing.

How to Use


Add enough water in bucket, basin, sink or tub to cover about three quarters of the large cone.


Add detergent of choice.


Add any amount of clothing or items to be washed leaving room for agitation of the water.


Push and pull the washer up and down like a plunger. You will hear a "breathing" sound as the water is pushed and pulled through the clothing, removing soil and smells.


Add clothing to a second bucket of clean water and repeat to rinse.


Wring excess water - then hang to finish drying or throw items into an electric dryer.