About Us


The Breathing Mobile Washer Co. was started by Nampa, ID entrepreneur, Jonathon Ball, and his wife Barbara. It was established to develop a range of services and products, starting with a device used for hand washing clothing.

For several years Jonathon had been investigating the idea of developing a portable clothes washer which could outperform existing clothes washing products that had been on the market for many years. Taking inspiration from antique designs that had been around for centuries, Jon improved the design to create The Breathing Mobile Washer.

Opposed to previous versions that simply pushed water around, the Breathing Mobile Washer was designed to actually pull the water and detergent through the clothing. The “breathing” part of the name comes from sound the washer makes during cleaning. You can actually hear the water being pulled instead of simply churned around.

Variations of plunger type clothes washing machines used in the past.


The Breathing Mobile Washer Co. developed concept sketches of the manual clothes washer. Unlike its competition, the washer was developed using plastic injection that would prevent rusting on the lower portion, aluminum threading to prevent additional rusting and a more effective internal water flow structure that pushed and pulled water through clothing.

The plastic meant less labor-intensive production and the possibility of production rates 75 times greater than the competing model.

With a focus on a sustainable production method and a desire to create a product with superior construction and materials that would be meant to last for years the Breathing Mobile Washer was born.


It became apparent very quickly of the potential such a device would have in remote ares of the world as well as third world countries where friction washing with hands, washboards, and rocks are the common practice.

The mobile washer is much less abrasive, reduces wear on clothes, and provides a superior clean. In areas of the world where one or two sets of clothing are common, preserving the life of that clothing becomes a necessity.

On top of preserving the life of clothing, the washer also enables the use of a washing machine without the need for electricity, reduces the amount of water consumed – which is extremely important in parts of the world where clean, potable water is a highly valuable resource.

Not only was the device an absolute perfect fit abroad, but in the domestic market as well. First world uses include Camping/hiking, RV’ing, boats and yachting, micro or apartment living, disaster relief and emergency preparedness, cloth diapering, pet bedding and clothing, rags of all sorts that need to be kept out of the wash.

On top of all of that, The Breathing Mobile Washer provides a option for those living an environmentally conscious/eco/green lifestyle, living off-grid, or homesteading and sustainability. Reducing energy usage, reducing water consumption, keeping harsh chemicals and detergents out of our water supply. The ability to reduce your negative impact on the world with a simple device!


After Jon’s passing in 2011, Breathing Mobile Washer was left in the care of one of Jon’s sons, Robert. With an MBA and years of corporate supply chain experience, Robert has led the expansion of the business in both wholesale and retail. Through his efforts, the portable washing machine can be found globally, and continues to generate a larger presence year after year. Global expansion came with its own set of unique challenges one of the largest being the Breathing Mobile Washer’s name itself. Internationally, the word “Mobile” is associated with cell phones. The word “Breathing” was used because of the unique “breathing” sound the washer makes as it washes clothes, as opposed to being a word most people would associated with a manual clothes washing machine. Which led us to transition away from the name Breathing Mobile Washer to Ball Clothes Washing Machine or Ball Clothes Washer. Not only does this aid us in our goal of making sure the product is easily found and accessible to those internationally, but a name more easily recognizable to domestic users as well.

Robert promoting the washer in India.

In addition to alterations to the name, variations of the product have been introduced to the market. After reviewing countless suggestions and feedback over the years, a T-top handle was created for more ergonomic comfort and added height.

Later a more compact version of the Breathing Mobile Washer was introduced that was made from aluminum instead of a solid wooden handle. The aluminum handle can easily be taken apart for more compact storage as well as a reduced shipping cost around the world.