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    Ball Clothes Washer Classic

    • One piece, solid wood handle
    • Polypropylene (plastic) lower
    • Heavy duty
    • Designed for maximum performance on all laundry needs,including very large items (Comforters, blankets, pet bedding, cushion covers, etc.)
    • Portable
    • Corrosion resistant materials to last for years
    • 29.5'' assembled height
    $24.95 $22.95
    in stock
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    Ball Clothes Washer Compact Classic

    • Two piece aluminum handle
    • Polypropylene (plastic) lower
    • Medium - heavy duty
    • Designed for all but the largest of items (Towels, denim, outerwear, heavily soiled work clothes, etc.)
    • Collapsible design for maximum portability
    • Same high quality construction as the wooden classic with a focus on truly portable washing
    • Corrosion resistant aluminum and plastic will not rust and last for years
    • 29.5" assembled height
    $24.95 $22.95
    in stock