Breathing Mobile Washer

Hand operated, truly portable, clothes washing machine

Makes hand washing just about anything, easy and practical!

Watch our simple “how to” video to see how it works!

What is it?

Our hand-operated clothes washer uses a technique of pushing and pulling water through clothes, opposed to traditional electric washing machines that merely churn water around, harsh scrubbing and abrasion from washboards, or lack of cleaning power with hand crank laundering devices – with mechanical moving parts that break and only offer the ability to wash very small loads.

Uses minimal water, less detergent, and zero electricity. Use in a bucket (5-gallon suggested), sink or tub. Repeat the same process as washing with fresh water to rinse. Resulting in a superior clean with less wear and tear.

Emergency Prep, Bug out bag, Disasters, Power Outages, Equipment Failure. Most people don’t think about how to keep clothing clean when clean water becomes an absolute necessity. The Breathing Mobile Washer is designed to use as little water as possible. Helping you conserve precious drinking water during contamination or when the luxury of electricity isn’t present.

A great way to reduce water and energy usage. Can wash clothes in as little as 1 1/2 gallons of water.. Never have to worry about the impact you’re leaving behind. Little to no carbon footprint, conserve water, ability to use natural and organic detergents, non-electric, and offers full control over your laundering needs.

Camping, backpacking, boating/yachting, RVing, trekking. Or traveling for work or pleasure. The Breathing Mobile Washer provides the means to stay clean without worrying about hauling around bulky equipment or looking for laundry facilities. Keeping clothing fresh and clean is easy with The Breathing Mobile Washer!

Less water, no electricity, less detergent. Let us help you save time and money spent at the laundromat. Not to mention, the highest quality product at the best value of all manual washing machines on the market to date. No moving or mechanical type parts that break and need to be replaced with similar hand crank washing machines.

From soiled cloth diapers to grease/chemical covered rags The Breathing Mobile Washer is perfect for items you would rather not stick in the electric washer. Perfect for pre-wash and helping with tough stains, delicate items (lingerie and hand wash only) as well as large or bulky items (comforters/blankets, sleeping bags, rugs, and pet bedding) as well as single items you don’t have time to run through an electric wash cycle.

We have sons, daughters, friends, and family throughout the world that often find themselves in situations and areas of the world where there are no laundry facilities. The Mobile Washer can ease their load by helping maintain clean clothes in even the most remote areas of the world. We ship to APO addresses too! Talk about a welcome care-package item!

Tiny homes, Micro Living, Sustainable Living, Homesteading, Nomadic Lifestyle, Apartments


Whether you are living in a small apartment, dorm, hotel room, or other small location with little to no laundering options. Or maybe a lifestyle choice such as tiny/micro living, homesteading, living off grid, or travel due to work or pleasure. The Breathing Mobile Washer was designed to meet all your laundering needs and provide you with the most reliable and efficient experience to hand wash your clothing and other items.

The compact, portable design ensures you will always have room to tuck it away. Additionally, you enjoy total control of your water usage. No worrying about water to drain out of large, clunky portable washing machines that enclose your clothing, not to mention, figuring out how to wring the water back into a tiny opening to be reused for more washing.Enjoy the convenience of hand washing your items wherever you have the space. We recommend 5 gallon buckets simply due to the agitation achieved. Similar results can easily be had in a wash basin, sink, or bathtub.Truly portable laundering and ultimate convenience for your lifestyle.

Our low cost, efficient, clothes washing machines provide a means for those less fortunate to improve their quality of life significantly. Helping to preserve the life of clothing, spend less time washing than with traditional hand washing methods found around the world. Even as a means for someone to provide a laundry washing service to others. The Breathing Mobile Washer portable washer offers a tremendous amount support in areas of the world where laundering is a significant investment in both time and energy, excess water for washing clothing can be a luxury, and abrasive washing methods like washboards and rocks wear clothing out far too quickly.