Tips For Laundry in an RV

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Keeping up with laundry is a constant source of aggravation for many RV’ers. Where can you stash dirties in such limited space? What if you’ve just chanced upon a secluded sweet spot, but it looks like your dirty clothes are making babies? What a pain to drive to the next town with a laundromat.

Let’s explore various ways to lighten your (laundry) load.

Doing Laundry ‘by hand’

In the ‘olden’ days, before new-fangled machines like washers and dryers, people did laundry by hand and hung it on the line to air dry. RV’ers, in general, are proponents of green living. Hand washing clothes is an auspicious way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tips: Take a tip from “old housewives”, who did their laundry outside. Getting close to nature relieves the boredom of this tedious job. Plus, for extra clean clothes, use a Breathing Mobile Washer, a mobile hand washing machine.

Limit Your Wardrobe

Space is in high demand in an RV. It’s a good idea to limit your wardrobe to the essentials in an RV. Embrace your inner minimalist and decide on your favorite items for a variety of different weather scenarios for your travels.

Air Dry Clothes

You’ll need a portable clothesline and clothes pins. After you have hand washed your laundry, just pin each item on the clothesline and let the sun and air dry them. Check with your RV park if this is acceptable. Some parks don’t allow this, and others have a community line. Collapsible clothes drying racks work if you are trying to be more discreet.

Tip: One of life’s non-guilty pleasures is sleeping on sweet smelling line dried sheets. What an unexpected reward for your manual labor.

Wash Clothing Frequently

You can avoid dirty clothes as tall as a small mountain by frequently washing smaller loads. Let items such as socks, underwear, blouses and T-shirts soak in the kitchen sink. After washing and wringing clothes, empty soapy water and rinse them in clean water.

Hang the wet clothes on a collapsible drying rack, which can be mounted in the shower. These racks are adjustable, according to the number of items you need to hang.

It only takes a few minutes, after dinner, to wash a small load and keep a handle on your dirty clothes.

Tip: You can wear jeans or shorts more than one day. But, clean undies are must-haves (in case – like your granny always said – you have to rush to the Doctor).

Breathing Mobile Washer

Savvy RV’ers are buzzing about the earth-conscious, Breathing Mobile Washer. Powered by ‘elbow grease’, rather than electricity, it will get your clothes scrupulously clean. It’s lightweight and easy to store, which is a plus because RVs contain only limited storage space.

The Breathing Washer is a pleasant, budget-friendly alternative from those bore-your-socks-off laundromats. It’s little, but sooo mighty. The powerful plunging action draws out lingering soap that washing machines leave in clothing. This means your whites will be dazzlingly white.

You’ll also conserve water, as it takes less than five gallons to wash and rinse small loads of laundry.

Note: The makers named this little doozy Breathing Mobile Washer because of the sound that emits while the plunger is pushing and pulling water and soap through your laundry. Seriously!

Final Thoughts:

Using our suggestions, you can make a laundry maintenance plan and work your plan. Even free spirited RV’ers need clean clothes. Laundry is not necessarily fun, but it is essential.