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"Solid, useful, inexpensive, and it makes me feel like an independent pioneer!"

Received this today and immediately washed a set of bed sheets. A 13 gallon waste basket is the perfect size to use as a tub, and regular laundry detergent works well. I soaked the sheets in hot water and laundry detergent for about 30 minutes, used the Ball Mobile washer for 1 minute, soaked for 20 minutes, used the washer for another minute. Then emptied the wash water, refilled with fresh, and after using the Ball washer for a minute, emptied and rinsed again, this time with fabric conditioner. After allowing the sheets to drain, I have hung them out to dry. Impressive! the sheets are CLEAN, it was fast, easy on the water bill, and cheaper than the laundromat. The washer is well made, sturdy, tall enough and I LOVE the flared handles–makes using it so much easier. It’s a good little workout, too.
I think the key is soaking, hot water, and good laundry detergent.
A good investment, well made and sturdy, and a real boost to my sense of independence–I can have clean laundry when I want it without the hassle of hauling all that heavy stuff down to the laundromat. Yeah, nothing beats having your own washer and dryer but this is just great for a small, limited living situation. Thanks, Ball Mobile Washer!!

- Amazon Customer

"Works like a charm!"

I’ve been washing my laundry by hand for over a year now, since I lost my patience with constantly breaking washing machines. And you know what? I seldom ever miss the washing machine. It’s as easy, with these, to keep up with laundry as it was with the machine. And not only that, but keeping hand washables in good shape is even easier! Our clothes come out cleaner than before, as well, and the cut in our utilities bill has been amazing. Not only that…but when our power is out…no worries, just wash as usual. While going completely off grid laundry-wise might not be for everyone, it’s at least a great product for camping and maybe if you have baby diapers or fine washables you need to keep clean on the side.

- Brenne

"Love it!!!"

I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment with my husband and 2 kids. Finding time to do laundry with a 5 year old and 6 month old is impossible.

Throwing a small load of laundry in a 5 gallon bucket with some soap (2 bucket method works great) at night once they’re asleep is amazing! I don’t usually have the energy to go down to the laundry room once they’re in bed.

The hardest part is squeezing the water out. I’d like to get a spin dryer eventually, but I’m just so glad I get more play time with my kids and less time doing laundry.

I’m also really impressed with how incredibly clean the clothes come out. Especially my daughters soccer uniform!

- Gia's Mom

"Works wonderfully and the extra long handle with the dual grip …"

Works wonderfully and the extra long handle with the dual grip makes it super nice to use! Quality construction. I use it at the off-grid cabin and even my young kids like washing clothes with it! It’s 100 times more reliable and functional than anything similar out there! Thanks!

- Brett M